Monday, 23 November 2015

Socks and such

Now it's winter...almost..there was a frost this morning which gave me a bit of a clue....I decided to clear out my sock drawer.
Well I have clearly not had such a radical thought for ages. What my sock drawer revealed was that I should have done it years ago...
In the drawer devoted to knee socks I found so many of them that I am embarrassed! Black, transparent and navy are there in abundance, twined around fair isle woolly versions .
Obviously in years past I have just kept buying them against a rainy day...or a windy cold one.
I then went to clear out my tights drawer! Gosh !
Thick woolly tights lie with seductive transparent ones...all colours are there from black and navy to tan and see through versions!
One pair I failed to recognise as anything to do with me was a pair of thick, real silk, purple tights...I was obviously in episcopalian mode when I bought them!
Suffice it to say that I have been sleep walking over the last couple of years....and sleep ordering too...I have no memory of shopping for any of them either on line or in a real,shop!
The good news is that I definately don't need any more....working through this lot could see me out! And there's plenty of black left for my funeral!


  1. Interesting idea, sleep buying?

    Perhaps more unconscious buying - habitual see socks or tights and buy them just in case.

    About a year ago, due to my diabetes diagnosis,it's recommended that I only war cotton socks. So, ordered 2 dozen pairs online, and when they arrived, went and emptied my sock drawer - it took a full black bag- they all went to the Salvation Army Clothing Bank at the recycling centre.

    1. Someone sent me this little poem ....I thought it was funny.

      Looking at her socks
      She decided she was mismatched
      Not literally, although she was
      One foot red, one leopard print
      And whose idea had a leap are print sock
      Been anyway? She couldn't recall
      But no , she was mismatched in that
      They called her a ray of sunshine
      When she was really a cloud.

      Felicia Moon.