Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Staying in touch!

Friendship is a strange thing. It can grow in weird places. A bit like weeds I suppose! Over the years I have made good friends in unexpected places. Because I've moved around the country a bit I've left many friends behind but always the connection remains...
Now I've made friends on line as well as geographically. I count several people I've never met in person as real friends for their love and support during the harder times!
Going off on cruises also contributes to the pals pool! I still have contact with friends from several trips ago , some of whom read this blog .
Occasionally friendship can gestate into something different, stronger, soppier even. Love happens when you least expect it it. Not the romantic feeling between couples but the strong pull of companionship born of shared experience and joy in the same things such as music, poetry or art!
As you get older the friendships that were made in youth are suddenly gone when one of you dies but the feeling remains, the affectionate pleasure in hearing the name of a long lost friend.
Some of my friends on the net are people known in past lives long before the Internet became part of our lives..playing Scrabble with friends not seen for years is a way of keeping in touch, much preferred to just a Christmas card once a year.
Twitter and Facebook can be dangerous places to find friends but these social media sites can also be life lines for the elderly and infirm.
Everything in life can be used for goood or ill. There are many experiences that are traps for the unwary but mostly I am grateful for the ease of communications to be found on line.
Love can be the unexpected by product of friendship...read into that what you will!

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