Friday, 27 November 2015

Thanksgiving next?

My mail box was full yesterday and again this morning with adverts for Black Friday deals...

Last year we were unprepared for all of this but this time we knew it was coming.

We all have the choice of course. We can opt out of the whole thing. Bah! Humbug!

Or we can join in to bag what seem to be bargains...

This day borrowed from the USA is fast becoming a way of pre Christmas life and I don't blame people for taking advantage of pre Christmas bargains. It's just one more thing !

During Halloween we largely joined in the American way of trick and treating this year. All the USA great festivals have travelled over the pond not just to this country . I was startled this morning to find a Black Friday advert from a French firm I occasionally buy from,

Perhaps we ought also to join in Thanksgiving! That's a lovely homely occasion. One of my colleagues introduced this custom to us when I was teaching in Rochdale. Demijohns of alcohol were introduced into the science lab where some attempts were made to increase the alcoholic content of blackberry wine! There was a still until it was dismantled by the head!

We all enjoyed Thanksgving even without the Turkey!

We did however realise that for Brits to celebrate thanksgiving was really very odd as the whole thing was to be glad of American Independence from us, the British!

I'm not anti American in any way. I just deplore the way we take their customs and weld them onto our own in a way that ruins both!

Viva la difference! I might just as well join in. It's a smaller world now than it used to be!


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