Monday, 30 November 2015


Shhhh .... The wind has dropped! We have had days of gale force blows here...yesterday needing to put out my wheely bin I got knocked sideways and had to hold on to the bin to keep me upright...
I should be used to this. Getting to church on Sunday morning involved me struggling to get the iron gate open and then getting through it intact before reaching the car!
Because of this problem the moles have had a free run in the garden... I have only managed to get to the top of it twice since last week!
This period has been one of the most prolonged periods of wind...blows of fifty miles an hour are now common place here.....but damage can be done when it gets up to sixty or seventy and not just to the house!
The only good thing about this problem is that I do have wonderful views from my high perch...
I am developing a fellow feeling with the rooks here...And am now praying for a quieter period during the run up to Christmas. The luxury of being able to walk around upright would go down quite well right now!


  1. We have had more than the usual spate of very strong winds too. Quite tiring to battle against if one has to walk. (I does):-)
    Try to stay anchored to the ground Jean, we'd miss you if you got blown away.

    1. Thank you Ray....I would miss you too!

  2. Listening to the Weather Forecast this morning, it's ominous that they're naming a storm expected this weekend as Desmond?

    Hold onto your Bin daily, or load your pockets with stones to stop yourself being blown away :)