Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter blues.

Since arriving home a week ago winter has arrived in style....

The local plumber tried hard and failed to get my heating system working. Today I am bleeding.....everything in sight....some radiators have water coming out, some have air. I sit patiently by the air ones, equipped with a towel...

The sound of water rushing at speed throughout the whole system is not filling me with confidence. Some rooms are warm. Some are freezing. I could move a chair into the bathroom upstairs....the heated towel rail is proving very efficient!

ON a different tack I am lying in wait for a taller person to visit me. Male or female, I'm not fussy, just be able to see the readings on my solar tile's time for the test which is quarterly now to get them to accept the readings once made!

Every day I go out for a walk....once round the garden is enough today....rain and wind combined are not inviting!

So I have taken the car out....not far. Just around the village and back to make sure my battery doesn't go on strike again!

It is all making me feel very pleased that I am going away again for Christmas. Home alone with this heating would test a saint...and we've already proved I'm not that! So I'm swallowing my guilt in one big gulp...warming my cold hands and icy nose with something hot....not yet alcoholic but in due course...

I have clearly become a big softy. None of these problems worried me in North Wales when most winters had subzero temperatures. Having something to snuggle up to helps?

Now what could combine all these requirements?

Nothing I could lay my hands on right now so I've moved. David's office is warm. Mine is not so I am in his chair by his desk and feeling much warmer.


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