Sunday, 22 November 2015

World war?

Listening to the news, hearing military assessment on what might be needed to tackle the IS problem in Syria it's hard to get away from the very real feeling that we are gearing up for another world war.
Having lived as a little girl through the last war I know that it's no doddle.
Rationing, losing our loved ones as they go off to fight, learning to live in a war torn country...these are now very real concerns for us all as we look forward to the coming years.
Most of us do want to be getting rid of the present threat to our lives. The barbaric events we are witnessing week by week mean that of course we all want to rid this world of this faith based killing.
The problem is how to do it!
The only good thought this morning is that the rest of the world is now united in their desire to get rid of the menace.
Russia, America, Europe.....we are now all intent on fighting the present dangerous gang of young men and women. The enemy without has succeeded where the talking shops of the world failed...
The only thing we can do as onlookers is join together to pray, to bring all faiths together. As I type this I hear Jonathon Sachs asking us all to contribute to a wish to do good acts to every person we meet in our daily lives... It's all the rest of us can contribute to this moment in time when danger threatens us all.
It is a simple proposition....that Jews, Christians, Buddhists all join together in doing good things for the people we meet daily. A joining together of grace.
So I pray for peace and for the grace of God that passes all understanding... Lord hear our prayer.


  1. Entering a world war at this stage would be suicidal for the UK, we are not equipped or resourced to do so, nor is their the will in the country to see even more of our young men and women slaughtered abroad.

    People are hoping for a high-tech war, fought by robots, controlled safely from a bunker, deep in the countryside, while some of that technology exists, it's at least fifty years away before it will be able to be deployed in lieu of a human.

    If we are to be involved, it will only be an air war, as we don't have any other resources capable of fighting it. General Dannet, a former Army Chief said that because we wiped up the Iraqi's in less than two weeks, we'd be able to do the same to DAESH or whatever they're called. He''s forgetting one thing. The Iraqi's didn't have any motivation to fight, apart from their elite forces. DAESH has a politico-religious agenda, which has motivated them to the terrible deeds that they've done - wiping them out will be difficult and costly.

    If will need a concerted effort, with hundreds of thousands of troops, and the resources to do the job and to than hold the ground, not forgetting the huge bill for rebuilding shattered and destroyed countries and repatriating those, who want to go home.

    1. I value your expertise in these matters Earnie...thank you for your contribution.