Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Yet more probs!

Just one problem at a time.....that is my aim! So yesterday was the day I tackled the car.......which of course refused to cooperate. By this time. I should be used to it but unfortunately being a natural optimist I'm not!

The garage just down the road having closed when the owner retired has left us bereft in St Mawes. In days goneby it was easy but this time I rang the chap who looked after my Discovery when I first moved here....He duly arrived from the next village and got it moving...so I then had to take her out!

My part of the world is looking wonderful and the trip through the leafy lanes, along promenades with glorious views over the sea was very satisfying...I hope I went far enough to make sure she starts tomorrow.

Home I tackled the next small problem! People I met on the latest trip are doing the next one too so we wanted to be sure we were on the same table for dinner!

This was a harder problem! Cunard we discovered had its own rules for this eventuality. We had to ring in and ask for our table to be shared. Then we were given a code to send to the next person. They had to rang in to confirm that yes they also wanted to eat together!

In the end we laughed a lot and realised that it was a question of ensuring that we were not stalking each other! I was then told we were officially linked on Cunard....it's not quite the same as marriage but we were very amused!

Tomorrow I will tackle the heating.....some more bleeding seems necessary before it gets really cold.

This means tackling the mole problem later....I'm not sure what I can do anyway....but fifty mole hills need something. Perhaps Mr Cunard could make a suggestion!




  1. Would love to know the answer to the mole hills if you find it- I'm moving to a new vicarage in January and there are mole hills galore in the garden noted in the quinquennial but don't think anything has been done about them.

    1. I am told that nothing can be done but .a dog helps. My golden kept it to just a couple occasionally. Death is the answer but I'm not quite brutal enough to engage a rat catcher. Yet! If anything else comes my way I'll let you know. Congratulations on the new job too!

  2. Thanks Jean- and perhaps that is a very good excuse for us to finally get a dog :)

  3. I'm told that putting salt water down works, perhaps a couple of gallons of seat water (you have a plentiful supply), mind you, they may turn out to Olympic standard swimmers :)

    I'm also told that they're sensitive to high pitched noise, above our own spectrum of hearing - perhaps you are able to get a transmitter to insert into each hole to drive them next door, than bring in the local housing officers to give them a movement order due to overcrowding? :_

    Otherwise, it's poison, which I wouldn't be able to do either, getting another dog is off course an option, or just borrowing one for a few days, once they've dug up a few, the rest might get the message.

    1. I have had three high pitched devices emitting scary noises and are solar panelled. The moles just love them...instead of a lullaby!
      Olive oil capsules, salt, you name it I've tried it.. Any more suggestions?