Saturday, 5 December 2015

Approaching Christmas!

There can be few more depressing activities than writing all the cards when you get to my age.

For the last thirty years or so I have kept my contacts together in one very dog eared book...I start at the beginning and work my way through page by page.

It is astonishing how many have died! Much loved friends live on only in my old book.... It is now almost a ritual event to mentally salute those who have been involved in important events during my life...and who have now gone aloft!

I have tackled this job every day this week and have yet to get to the end. For the first time I have started a list of those I have written a card for, after two people last year told me they had had two!

It all adds to the impression that age is beginning to be a factor in my life! I don't actually feel old, in fact the much used statement is definately true for me. In my head I am still about seventeen. But the sad truth shows now as I look in the mirror! I have not changed into my mother who kept her red hair to the end but another old lady I can't identify!

Weather permitting I shall go out to post the first set of cards this morning. Then I can tackle the local ones... I put bundles at the back of each church...we all do's one way of dodging the days gone by I also took a bundle to the pub! Now I am not close enough to any pub to be able to walk to it I find it easier to just put a stamp on them! Otherwise my driving might be even more erratic than normal!

The approach of Christmas this year does not traumatise me as it did last year. The memories of David's last Christmas are old ghosts now and I can live with them . I can now try to find any of his old friends who still send him cards to give them the bad news that he can no longer reply!

I will not be here for most of it but I shall this year hang a bright garland on my front door. I might even put up a very small will just be a nodding salute to the great Christian festival...but more than I was able to do last year!

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