Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Big waves!

The first night at sea was rough!

Setting off very late from Southampton we ran into some very bumpy water!

I met one previous travelling companion and we didn't get to dinner...instead we went for snacks and gin...moving around the ship was not easy and judging by all the bumps and bangs in the night it's going to be worse today...

This is in direct contrast to the last trip which was very smooth. There are big waves out there!

My first thought today is breakfast. I'm just not sure how this can be accomplished with out falling over!

At least I'm not feeling sick!

I suspect there will be many absent friends again this morning! So far the only person I've met from last time is right at the back of the boat whereas I'm at the front. I do try not to go fore and aft oo often!

I am starboard whereas he is port! Accidental meetings seem very unlikely...

We are travelling south today...and won't reach the Bay of Biscay till tomorrow.

Did I mention that we had a lady captain! I'm sure she'll plot the best possible route!

In the meanwhile I am trying to remember to go Carol singing.

I have a lovely little pointsettia in my cabin...the decorations around the ship are's not all bad news!

Ahem. Minutes later I am now feeling sick.....damm it !


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  1. And for the privilege you pay a lot of money so whatever, enjoy