Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas trees!

Putting up a tree at Chrstmas is traditional. In the old days when I had young children we always went for a real one..and finally decided that a blue spruce was the best bet for not dropping needles and looking wonderful.

I was able to keep this going whilst living in North Wales. If you lived within a mile or so of the forest you were invited to pick your own tree during the year and the forest warden would bring it just before Christmas. Ivor Peters did this with a great flourish before claiming his Christmas kiss.,

Settled in Essex we never went back to a real living tree We bought a big artificial one which neither dropped a needle or put out a glorious scent. Decorated with much loved ornaments it looked wonderful.

Here in Cornwall there are enough real trees around heaven only knows but we never dug one up. It's not that it's too much work, it just doesn't feel right any more!

The artificial trees vary a lot....the tree I put up during David's last Christmas will never again be erected here...I shall find a home elsewhere for it's whiteness greets me reproachfully when ever I go into the barn...

Instead I've put up a delicate little tree with bendy arms ending in glassy baubles. It's sitting on my sideboard in the dining room decorated with very small bright baubles.

It's just about as far away from the blue spruce as it's possible to get but no living thing was damaged in its construction!

Last year I was unable to give even a passing nod to the Christmas season. This year I'm willing to go along with the festivities. Tears are often not far away...but I'm used to them now.... I can do this!




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