Saturday, 26 December 2015


Nothing on this trip is going to plan! We arrived in Lanzaroti around nine to find it was too windy to moor safely...other cruise ships were in the same boat if you'll pardon the expression.
When I lived in North Wales the first David and I  had friends who always went to what became known as Clanzagrotti! I am sure it's not really grotty but the name stuck and has already been picked up by several passing friends here but we are not landing there!
To my surprise I find myself delighted! I was up, dressed and ready to go when the announcement was made . I had kidnapped two bananas from the self service cafe several floors up , gulped down some juice and debated with myself as to if I was really ready to go ashore! Had any tenders been involved I would have not gone quick excursion around the deck had shown me the rocking tendency!
So I now have time to blog, to mess about and to catch up on sleep!
Christmas Day disappeared in a haze...not all alcoholic!
Our table is great fun...all seasoned cruisers, all daft!
My friends are also tired so I suspect we are all a little relieved.
We hope for better weather tomorrow in Palma!

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