Sunday, 13 December 2015

Dippy or deceased?

Getting my lines crossed is becoming more common now. Twice this week I have expected one set of events to happen only to find that I have misunderstood the intentions of other people. I have no doubt that this is all my fault but a feeling of resolve is fast being replaced by a need to double check, triple check in some cases to make sure I get it right!

Yesterday for instance I waited for a friend to arrive in the late morning...I finally got a phone call at lunch time to say she was on her way....

I thought we were going out for lunch and then on to do some Christmas shopping together . I was wrong...she had brought her presents for me and was clearly expecting lunch!

She got bacon butties I'm afraid....not what either of us were expecting!

I still am not sure how or why our lines got crossed but I now have a growing mound of wrapped bulky pressies which I shall have to look at before setting off on my Christmas cruise. I would never get them into a suitcase!

A card from another friend reveals the failure of another plan , now scheduled to be tackled early next year...

It's not that I forget things all that often but I do get events in the wrong order!

Confusion often follows me around.....we are on speaking terms...but I suppose at my age I should expect it...and let's face it, being an ancient, slightly dippy old lady is better than the alternative......


  1. I know the feeling well, confusion and I are on much more than a nodding acquaintance. :-)

  2. welcome to my world. COnfusion is the norm. Misunderstanding reigns supreme and clarity a rarity.
    Nevertheless people seem not to mind as much as they did in days a of yore. Possibly because most of them are as discombobulated as I.

  3. Quite glad there's a lot of it about....less lonely this way!