Monday, 21 December 2015

Listening to the news!

Life just gets weirder! It's been a while since I heard BBC world programs during the night....
I am being picked up very early indeed in the morning and find myself far too alert for comfort!
I haven't got actual toothache....but I do have something not quite right in that area! I did ring my dentist yesterday but naturally he wasn't working....
As it's not really bad I just carried on regardless....with some painkillers near at hand and two tubes of sensitive toothpaste to apply if things get worse!
In fact it's not toothache keeping me's just sheer nerves....I think!
So far tonight I have heard a wonderful program on the beauty of equations....half an hour on Maths sounds guaranteed to put me to sleep but actually it was quite interesting...hearing people extolling the beauty of number turned out to be riveting...
We have since had a discourse on a film maker casting a black girl in the role of Hermione in a Harry Potter movie...
We are now hearing about the national gay blood drive in America.
I have somehow found myself in a parallel universe I didnt think existed until tonight!
Now I hear the voice of a friendly robot asking how she can help us.........
Blogging may well get neglected during the next few apologies in advance...
I have got mobile phone numbers at hand to contact friends on the cruise once on board all should be well.....and the toothache seems to have receded...if all else fails I'm sure the Scotch will help!
It's going to be an interesting Christmas!


  1. Good luck and safe travel. Prayers that you have a great break with good company and come back refreshed. :)

  2. What radio station were you listening to? Ian was fascinated when I mentioned about the beauty of equations programme, he would like to hear it too.

    Enjoy your Christmas and best wishes for the new year.

  3. It was a BBC news program....around five am! Very niche market!