Sunday, 20 December 2015

Political correctness!

I have detested the polically correct brigade since the start. People who wanted to impose their views on other people concocted a whole set of ideas to make them toe their line.

In education this became increasingly difficult to cope with. The notion that we are born equal seems a safe place to start but it was taken over by the newly PC as though it had just been invented. Competition was bad...unfair to those either not very bright or somehow disabled physically....we were asked not to have games , not to reward scholastic competence in case the disadvantaged felt ill used.

Racism has been another area...charging people with being racist became a weapon used by the politically correct upholders. It was often used in classrooms where some children became hooligans and disrupted education for those who wanted to learn by calling their teachers rascists when ever they were called to order!

The evidence now of Asian gangs, using children for sex has happened I think because people were reluctant to be described as rascists if they stepped in to stop it.

We are given free will and can usually think for ourselves without being frightened or threatened by people who try to impose one view on everyone...

The human race is a wonderful mix of talent , we are diverse as part of our genetic inheritence..I welcome those differences with joy! It would be a dull world if we all fitted into one mould.

Down here in Cornwall the polically correct agenda is not uppermost in any only crops up occasionally but hearing of a group of people in an ancient university who want to tear down statues, ignore history and defame people from other ages for views acquired in different circumstances just brings it all hear that students want to tear down a Cecil Rhodes statue is just plain depressing...we can not rewrite history to suit our own stand points.

"Let and let live" seems far from the PC concepts I hear daily .

"Judge not lest you be judged" seems a safer idea to run with!

And if that makes the PC brigade judge me in any way I can cope!

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