Saturday, 26 December 2015

Pulling .

Having had our trip cancelled yesterday we had to find our own entertainment today. This is not difficult on this huge ship...Cunard laid on lots of extra things to do, films to watch, games to play...I did what I do best. I made friends...

Being invited back to anyones room is always something to question ! But I've seen one or two this time round and lived to tell the tale........make of that what you will.....

One of the ladies on my table last night announced that in eight years of cruising she had never pulled....

Ahem! I asked her if she wanted to and she looked around the table scornfully. "Not really " she said..."But it would be nice to be asked! "

I replied that it could be dodgy. After all we can't be sure who or what we're dealing with on here!

She gazed at me " We don't have to take them home with us" she said....

Well she's right on that score, we don't but the chance to enlarge our circle of friends is one not to be missed..

It depends what you mean by pulling I suppose....getting the temporary company of a pleasant chap doesn't seem all that bad to me....and it is Christmas still!


  1. I always thought that pulling was connected with a load?

    And if her idea is of sexual encounters, well, that could be a load of old *****

    Not a good idea methinks to engage with people that you have just met - such encounters are reserved for marital relationships in my view - such a prude I am. :)

    1. Earnie....what an idea....I am still following the old maxim of "No sex please we are British."