Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Singing again!

Christmas came early to TregearVean . I spent yesterday wrapping oddly shaped parcels, writing Christmas cards and singing!

It's strange how infrequently I sing around the house now compared to when I was young. I love music and until recently was always a member of a choir! Now if I am listening to the radio it's almost always Radio 4 which is of course all talking.

A friend has been asking me to find various songs well known in the past. He hasn't got an iPad and has no access to the Internet and is amazed by how quickly I find various pieces on iTunes . Usually within a minute of a request I can play him the song over the phone. He regards this as some sort of arcane magic. It's not of course but it has served to remind me to try to replace some much loved music still only kept on LP records stacked in the barn because there is no way I can play them any longer!

This situation prompted me to look for my dearly loved music in order to get it onto the pad!

I have only downloaded two pieces so far....more will follow I'm sure but the two records are both what I used in plays I produced in my younger days.

Carmina Burana and the Faure requiem are now sitting on my ipad and I have been singing away to them as I move from room to room bleeding the radiators.

Why it's taken me so long to even think about doing this is a mystery to me. I do still listen to Classic FM at times when I am near any of David's radios still tuned to his favourite channel.

Cheap music is potent still but I am enjoying revisiting old loves now...however no one should assume the worst as I admit to loving several requiem masses.

My voice seems to be coping with the workout. On with the motley!



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  1. Downloadable music is a blessing. As is Classic FM (other stations are available, such as Radio 3).

    We still have a record player as well as a CD player and I managed to transfer most of my favourite music to PC a year or so ago, which than uploaded to itunes, without any invitation from me. No complaints as it's now on my ipod as well.

    Frank Sinatra and Shirley Bassey feature among the popular music, while Verdi, Back and Mendleson feature in the classics.

    I also have various fave hymn tunes available to sing along too.