Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sympathetic guilt!

Fortunately the temperature here is quite high for December. It's just as well because the part my heating system needs to get it functioning again has yet to arrive!

Yesterday during a short lull in the desperately windy weather I was able to get out around the garden. Ten years ago we started a wind break to protect the new trees and this year I have seen its effectiveness.

The garden is thriving!

I still have many roses in flower...dead heading was one of yesterday's jobs! Fat buds are ready on the camellias. One azalea has bright red flowers opening! Primroses are out too and the first spears of daffodils are pushing up!

All of this makes the news from the north heart rending...to be forced out of your home because of massive flooding must be heart breaking...the loss of power just makes it all worse and I can't magine how desperate those people must be feeling.

So my moaning about my heating feels totally selfish.

I am using various electrical heaters strategically placed as I write my cards and get ready for Christmas. If all else fails and I get cold I go for a drive with my car's heating on full!

My small problems are nothing compared to those who are suffering so badly in the north...

I hear all the desperate voices on the radio and sympathising doesn't feel enough...there but for the grace of God go we all!

Getting ready for Christmas , getting presents wrapped, cards written and posted, it all becomes a selfish busyness which pales as I remember those who are in terrible trouble elsewhere...either from dreadful weather or from fear of faith based terrorism .

I feel sorry now for those who suffer when I reflect on my own choice to get away for Christmas again...

How to resolve these feelings is my current problem...a small one compared to most so once again I pray! My "God bothering" is getting louder daily!

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