Sunday, 20 December 2015

Travelling ghosts!

We have arrived at the shortest day. Alleluia!

This time tomorrow I will be setting out on the next adventure. It is not all joy....

But mostly it is.....I will be meeting friends and not travellng alone like I was last year.

The plumber says he will fix my heating before I get back.....ahem!

Today I will open most of my parcels....I would have to take another small suitcase to get them all in and people have been very Christmas starts here today!

It still feels very weird that at a time when I should be filling my larder with Christmas food I am busy clearing out the fridge, emptying the bread bin and chucking out rather a lot of bottles (empty of course)

Cudgelling my poor brain to try to cover all eventualities will go on all day....printing out my luggage labels, getting all my travel documents together still fills me with apprehension....I am travelling alone even though I will be meeting friends eventually....I always assume that I'll fail some how but as I've now done it several times as a lone traveller I am slightly more confident than I was last year!

Regrets, backward glances over my shoulder accompany me where ever I go and my ghosts travel with me always. I am not leaving them behind...just moving them all to new pastures temporarily...

There is so much to be thankful for in all this...and I am. Thank you God.

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