Monday, 14 December 2015

Wrapping the bottles!

A fairly full diary means that I shall have to keep moving this week! The lead up to Christmas still follows traditional lines even when I'm not going to be around for the actual festival.

Old friends ring me. Even older friends have left this world for another....

Bitter sweet recollections arrive every day now.... choosing not to be here for the actual festivities does not protect me from the scale of loss.

There are compensations though....not all containing alcohol!

Giving people booze for Christmas always seems to go down quite well. Today I have several bottles to wrap and once again my motor skills will be tested to the full!

I am tidy in most ways in my life....I have an uncluttered house to prove it...the exception is when I start to wrap stuff! My parcels are quite simply dreadful! I use sellotape to try to tidy them up but no one is fooled...they look anything other than festive...rats and their nests spring to mind!

However after years of trying to present decently wrapped goodies...I have hit on various solutions...buying ready made sparkly bags to put things in , tying bright ribbons around bottles works well enough sometimes...but the bottom line is I'm afraid that I rely on the contents of the bottle to compensate for the wrapping they arrive in!

Resisting the temptation to sample the contents helps a little...what one of my parcels might look like after a couple of pre prandial tots does not bear thinking about! So today I start wrapping...with luck the contents will compensate for the covers!


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