Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Service of the Word.

I am waiting fairly impatiently for the light to return in the morning. It is very dark again this morning as I get up for a service later!
It's very dark. But there's no wind as yet!
Driving in the dark has become a small problem in old age. Parking in the dark is an even bigger anxiety.
Today's service is being led by a newish worship leader. I'm just doing a bit of nattering....
Another bit of nattering is going to be very interesting. A young woman whose life is just opening up for her is going to speak about her recent trip abroad.
This is one of our young girls who used to come to all our family services ten years ago...
To see her and listen to her now is much like watching a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. Her life has become an exciting exploration of what is possible with the help of education and a church grant to enable her to travel .
A service of the word is still for me an exciting opportunity to explore, to excite, to learn. It's how I started my church venture about fifteen years ago before I was ordained.
This morning will be good on several different levels....old friends, new ones too, I will enjoy it all...especially sharing the pulpit with one of our very young women!

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