Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Oh dear. The Cunard cough has us in thrall!
It's not just me! I cough, we cough, we all cough!
The Bay of Biscay had half of us not turning up for supper last night. The tables were half empty because just staying upright was difficult.
Moving around a swaying ship was the hard part and once in bed I got rolled from one side to the other scattering hankies, phones etc as I went.
This morning my toilets not working .
This is not a good end to what has been a wonderful cruise.
Feeling fairly dreadful we have to pack!
Oh well. I hope my home will be warm when I get there tomorrow .
Beam me up Scotty!

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  1. After a pretty rotten start we are now crossing the channel....the spirit of Dunkirk has survived the bad start. I am seeing the wonderful green water of home...glory be to God.