Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Back to work!

Having spent a whole night fast asleep with no pain there is a feeling of euphoria in the's the first complete nights sleep for at least a month!
So I start work again even though there's not much in my diary. Tomorrow I have the pleasure of visiting my old church in the next village for midweek communion where the entire congregation are dear old friends...
On Sunday I am presiding over a service taken by a newish worship leader who is also a very old friend...
So it's obviously the season for renewing acquaintances.
Yesterday though I met on line the person who is joining this parish in the summer!
It was a chance meeting and it augers well for the future. Everyone here told me I would like her and so it turned out!
My time in the church has been rewarding and full of challenge and interest..doing all the things I should have been doing in my youth. Now in old age I can step back and applaud those who will take up the challenge.
I'm not yet ready for the knackers yard...I still have a lot to do and write about and new people to meet but my time as a hard working parish priest is coming to an end...
The open sea beckons... There is so much still to people to meet, old friends to enjoy...but meanwhile I must get tomorrow's service sorted out!

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