Monday, 11 January 2016

Bowie and punk!

I woke up to another time this was compounded by hearing the Archbishop of Canterbury extolling the virtues of David Bowie...
I realised the significance of this fairly quickly. Bowie had died.
What a talent!
The quick playing of some of his songs carried me right back to my time as a slightly bewildered young mum listening to what sounded like rather weird songs sung by an even weirder young man. And yet I loved them!
My life with my children was full of music. Classical flute music from my daughter and pop songs from my son.
But we all agreed on Bowie...
The era of punk which followed was a trying time for us all....Boomtown rats had a lot to answer for in my house....but Bowie lasted right through that barrage of noise on my ear drums. And we all loved him...the radio was turned up loud if any of his songs were brought us together as a family divided by all of our peculiar musical tastes...
He was a one off...with massive talent and this morning I am reliving some of the best of times as well as the worst.
Rest in peace that most unlikely bestower of peace to my family.

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UKViewer said...

It's interesting how individuals can influence across generations and divides on musical taste or genre.

I never got into his music, but could admire his talent and creativity. To be honest, I was more struck by the death of Freddy Mercury, another unique individual, whose life and talent were so cruelly taken early. Another was Amy Winehouse, whose music and voice I loved,lost at a really young age.

It does say something about the perils of fame and life styles that embrace danger in an uninhibited way - risk taking doesn't always pay off