Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dirty women?

The sex attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve have left many women wondering what on earth was going on! To find yourself confronted with a man either attempting to rob you or making a sexual assault or both must be terrifying.
The fact that it seems to have been coordinated makes it even worse. It's impossible to imagine the sort of mind that could contemplate such action.
I am reminded of the first influx of immigrants from Pakistan way back in the seventies.
Every year at our small school in Rochdale we tried to take parties of children to the zoo or to the wasn't just a treat, it was an introduction to our way of life.
One hot summer, walking about ten children onto the beach in Blackpool I heard several remarks which disturbed me. The sight of young women lying sunbathing on the beach brought on jeers from the boys...
"Dirty English women." was repeated often during the short walk.
I tried to explain that they were not dirty women, that they were trying to acquire a tan!
This was also incomprehensible to them...that we would want to become brown was just as weird as lying semi clothed on a beach.
The failure to grasp cultural differences then was tragic I think and may well be the root of what seems to be happening now.
Western women seem to be considered fair game. Certainly the gangs of Asian men who groomed young, disturbed girls in various northern towns were assuming the worst possible view of females. That if they dressed in scampy clothing, that if they had no modesty or self esteem then they were fair game for them to take advantage of.
I don't know whether this attitude towards women motivated the immigrants in Cologne but it seems possible.
What ever the reasons for it , the men involved have done the cause of caring for those fleeing from the war in Syria no good at all...
We are living through frightening times. Bad news is reported every day..but it's still our Christian duty to look after those who need our help even if they seem not to deserve it...
Lord hear our prayer.

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UKViewer said...

It must be difficult for those from a different culture to accept the normm's of a new culture that they might not have any choice in living with.

But that doesn't excuse criminal actions or sexual attacks. They wouldn't do it at home to their own women, so why would they wish to do it in a new culture.

Perhaps they are confused or overwhelmed by the culture that they're living in, but it seems to me that the attacks in Cologne and elsewhere in Germany, we deliberate and not a random act. Those who did it, were not protesting, but were making an attack on the culture they are now within.

It's the inaction of the German Police that I can't understand, I have seen reports of those carrying out these attacks, mocking the police and telling them that they were invulnerable to any action against them, perhaps due to their sheer force of numbers.

I can't condone anything that happened - it was criminality, pure and simple and those responsible need to be dealt with.