Saturday, 23 January 2016

Early communion.

So yesterday I had a lie in. Today I am up in pitch blackness to take communion to the church about fifteen miles away!
I haven't visited this church for quite a long time but it's not one of the coastal establishments. It's inland in a lovely village.
I am praying my car starts fairly promptly.
There are two routes to this little church. One is a direct route through narrow lanes. The other involves a drive around , taking me much further afield but this is the preferred route. It's safer and there are no narrow passing places!
So I have to set off early!
I have made contact with the church warden. They are expecting me....
So off I go!
It is very dark indeed....the first light has yet to appear in the sky!
Ok. I can do this!

I did indeed do it, driving along quiet roads as the sky lightened...   The church, notorious for being icy in winter had had storage heaters installed since my last visit...alleluia!
It was fine....mostly...even when I broke the news that it was Septimagesima Sunday....which meant we are en route to Lent.
Driving home in the light was great!
I am now relaxing.....until I start sorting out last nights television has gone on strike!
Onwards and upwards Lord!

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