Friday, 15 January 2016

Gay marriage .

Gay marriage is always going to be a difficult one. It's something I am frequently asked about both at home and abroad.
Same sex couples often fix me with a grin before checking with me whether I would be prepared to marry them.
The churches stance on this issue saves me from actually making the decision.
"I can't marry you. You know that."
It's a cop out, we all know that and yet it causes us all anxiety.
My gay friends who have lived together in love and charity with their neighbours for years are already married in every sense of the word. They can now enter into a legal partnership at the registry office but not in church.
We can I think, legitimately offer them a blessing on their partnership but somehow this is not enough for either them or me.
I understand all of the churches reservations about children in gay marriage...I understand why the Anglican church in Africa have taken the stand that they have this week. But I think that distancing ourselves from the Episcopalian church in America may well be a step too far.
We have far more in common with our American cousins in every way. I have done joint services, following a shared prayer book on some of my trips abroad and I regret this decision.
I have enjoyed good relationships with my Episcopal colleagues...and to break those bonds feels wrong in every way...
I wait to see their reaction to this latest ruling.

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