Friday, 8 January 2016

Geriatric communications .

Life returning to normal is a slow process . I've forgotten what normal is for me!
Work is arriving daily...and I am glad of that. I enjoy everything I do in the church...and when I decided to cruise at Christmas it was because there was nothing in my church diary.
I have in the past opted not to attend meetings scheduled to fix the rota for our small cluster of churches. I am sent a sheet with my name outlined in red to get into my diary.
Yesterday I found that my printer simply refused to print them.
It was just one more small problem of the sort I am learning to live with...
With a warm home, a car that started when I turned the key and most of my cruise gear put away I can finally make some much needed phone calls...
Sainsbury will deliver my grocery this morning..
Normal life is returning....along with several phone calls per day from my new friend!
Being a sort of geriatric daft teenager is becoming my norm...and I am enjoying it all enormously.

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