Tuesday, 5 January 2016


We are in Southampton. We actually arrived last night because the captain wanted us all to have a good nights sleep after the very disturbed events of the previous night!
It has worked I think!
I am not looking forward to being discharged from the womb, it has too many unpleasant memories.
The journey home is always good and there is no snow or frost that I can see but I am praying that my heating has been fixed.
The long heating saga is pretty boring now I think but it would be great to get home to a warm house after two weeks of lovely temperatures.
The whole cruise has been wonderful with lovely dining companions and new friends made en route as well as consolidating old ones.
Last night we all said goodbye to all the folk we had seen most often during the cruise.
This leaving morning is never good but it's a necessary evil to get thousands of us moving.
I am fully aware that despite all evidence to the contrary I am a very lucky woman to be able to do all this. Thank you God.

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UKViewer said...

Welcome home. I hope that the rain doesn't make you turnaround and go straight onto another cruise.

And that the heating is fixed.....