Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Today I will hopefully get my television back on! Having lost it about a week ago life has adjusted to a different pattern painlessly!
The ariel man will arrive this morning. I am hoping that it will be a fairly simple operation because there is no way I can get into my attic!
During the period of no TV I have been watching DVDs.
Wall to wall Wolf Hall delighted me for two evenings. Episodes of House, an unlikely hospital drama starring Hugh Laurie made me laugh and wince in equal parts. I have caught up on several presents previously neglected but last night came the wonderful Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.
This story with a screen play of great beauty and music by Neil Diamond delighted me .
It's been a long time since I was brave enough to watch it.
When it first came out I already knew the story. I used to read it to my children.
I saw that it was on in Manchester and decided to take them to see it.
A story about a seagull aching to be the best flyer in his pack does not sound like much but it is.
The music enhanced it in unexpected ways. Written by a Jew you do not expect to find a Gloria extolling God when Jonathan succeeds.
It is essentially about finding your place in the world and working with God to become the person you are meant to be.
It's difficult stuff for adults leave alone children. My son was about ten, my daughter six but they got it!
On the car ride home I realised that somehow , through the music, the wonderful visual images, the story, my children had got it!
They understood !
I was never prouder of them.
Every time after when we came to Cornwall they looked for Jonathan....he became part of our lives in a really strange way.....but they got the important bit....that no matter how hard the path, following it was important and it was the way to find God in our lives.
There were a few tears last night...but I was still proud of my children!

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