Sunday, 24 January 2016

No TV!

I have a fairly busy week, not least trying to find out what happened to my television.
It was working on Friday night when I went to bed. On Saturday I had no signal at all. The DVD channel works. But there is no trace of the television channels.....
I live in solitary state with two other houses nearby.
Once I lost my phone line when my new neighbour got it by accident!
I think something similar may have happened but I first have to find someone who knows about these things.
A quick look reveals no one local who does ariels....
Here we go again!
I can live with no TV obviously but getting it fixed is my priority this week....if I can!
This plus several meetings and charitable events will make my week rather more complicated than I need.
It's just one more dam thing.
Beam me up Scotty.....

Interesting conversations with my neighbours  have given me no useful information about my TV.  I now have an aerial man coming on Thursday!  Thank goodness for my iPad. This will save me from withdrawal symptoms fairly easily.  I think!
Finding about 30 bottles of champagne in my wheely bin has provoked more angst . They were empty!
I assume one of my neighbors had a really good party at the weekend....
Life in rural Cornwall is never dull!

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1 comment:

  1. Any sort of domestic/household problem sends me into panic mode.
    John always knew what the problem was and who to call to get it sorted. I don't.
    The bottles in your bin are another matter entirely. That would really infuriate me.
    What a cheek (and they didn't even invite you to help to empty them:-)
    Good luck in getting your TV fixed. I couldn't survive without mine.