Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Not for wimps.

After weeks of quiet activity since I got back from the last cruise I now have a day with three things demanding my attention.
The morning meeting is followed by a party that starts with lunch and goes on till teatime. As it is the eightieth birthday of a dear friend this is the one that claims most of my attention.
Later in the early evening comes another meeting.
This is the difficult one.
It starts when it's already gone dark!
That sounds feeble I know but after an afternoon at a party, getting to another village and parking in the dark is proving daunting...
I am getting too old!
Every month or so I find I have to do something which stretches my energy and my determination to be hands on again!
Today is one of those days!
I explain to people that I'm an old woman but that just makes it worse!
Other events are being added daily to my diary.....and mostly it's all good but when I get a day like today then even with the best will in the world something has to give!
Today the meeting after dark looks like the biggest casualty.
Right now it's all a daunting prospect where in the old days it would have scarcely been even a tiny problem.
Growing old is not for wimps. But it's still better than the alternative!

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UKViewer said...

I don't like driving at night either. But have too as our LLM modules are mainly in the evenings. I also have church meetings in the evenings. Luckily we're urban with street lighting so easier to drive and to park.