Saturday, 9 January 2016

Old teeth!

Yesterday was bad. I had a raging toothache all day!
Nothing touched just hurt!
Whilst I was on the cruise it had hurt occasionally but one painkiller stopped it every time. Yesterday no tablet just reverberated around my mouth...all day!
One friend had a solution....scotch to be drunk in bed!
My dentist here is away...back on Wednesday. Too long I groaned..
After a day of painkillers I gave the whiskey solution a try during the evening. And it worked!
Every hour or so I let the liquid rest in my mouth before finally swallowing it and came to bed...
The phone woke me just before nine o'clock . I'd slept like a log and there's no pain...
I have joked that only pain will get me to a dentist now I'm an old instinct is to avoid them at all costs but yesterday's pain was not something to play about with!
Tomorrow I have the early communion so sipping whiskey all evening won't be an option but so far this morning even the dull ache has disappeared.
I'm not sure that offering up a prayer for something as mundane as a bad tooth is appropriate but it's worth a try amongst all the other subjects needing prayer at the moment.
Fingers crossed that I get the service tomorrow done whilst I'm sober. Ahem!

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