Sunday, 31 January 2016

Posh frocks?

Clothes are my current problem.....
I have had an afternoon of trying on!
In the old days the problem was invariably that I'd put on too much weight .....this time it's the opposite......everything is a little too big.
And too long, and too revealing.
I will be going off to our timeshare in Madeira in about a weeks time.
I was there at New Year and it will be warm...
Many of my usual dresses were bought to show off a tan but since the skin cancer warning I have not got a tan, nor do I intend acquiring one!
I have packed my swimming things but I will be smothered in sun block and what looked good on a younger, browner woman just looks dreadful now.
Tee shirts and jeans look the best idea but in the evening some dressing up is required though not much!
My cruise clothes would look out of place for this one!
My old summer dresses bought for the Essex heat just don't look right any more...
So separates it is then!
Determined as I am to keep the packing to a minimum I do need some other clothes to get me through the day and night because I will be meeting a friend there......
I will also be going to church. Ash Wednesday falls in the first week!
Sober clothes for the Cathedral, swimming things, no sun bathing but enough fairly posh stuff to get me through some good evening meals.
I will not go out and buy any all the accumulated contents of two wardrobes there must be enough clutter to get me through two weeks of gentle sunshine!
So the search through the accumulated debris of years goes on!
The rejects will go on to the local charity shop!
I can do this!

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