Thursday, 21 January 2016


The blame culture has never been stronger and healthier it seems. Looking for someone to blame for any accident, any small departure from the norm, or any rash statement that catches the attention of the nervous is becoming commonplace it seems.
Today's news story about a child thought to be a possible convert to Isis should not be blamed on over enthusiastic teachers.
We are all now asked to look out for this sort of thing and to act on any suspicious statements .
The word "safeguarding " is now the buzz word of the moment.
As both a priest and a school governor I have had to attend safeguarding courses during the last year .
They are designed to alert adults to any danger encountered by a child. These dangers encompass matters of sexual grooming and any sort of indoctrination either religious, political or social.
If I heard a child talking about being taught about dubious events I would feel that I had to investigate further...hopefully in a sympathetic , helpful way.
This sort of thing is inevitable now I think....because the bottom line for it all is to make sure our children are growing up free from danger.
The safeguarding courses I have attended have opened my ancient eyes as to what can happen if we are not aware of the dangers..
It's a scary world we now live in...we have to try to look after the young and innocent, hopefully without scaring them along the way!

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