Saturday, 23 January 2016

Saturday lie in!

A friend rang me a little while ago and after a rather dozy conversation asked in tones of astonishment if I was still in bed.
Actually I's fairly unusual for me now but I had slept past the eight o'clock watershed.
I felt fairly uncomfortable admitting I was still between the sheets during the rest of the conversation and then had to remind myself sternly that it was actually Saturday morning...the traditional time for a lie in!
Now I'm not doing a paid, set hours job and have no children to get off to school, getting up time varies...but not much!
You don't need a lie in on Saturday morning if you can nap during the day!
David had set himself a routine designed to make him feel useful. Getting up time was eight o'clock. Even when he was ill he tried to stick to that but I have never had the discipline to set myself times...I get up when I'm ready! I often blog in the early morning accompanied by a glass of orange juice.
This gets me up and moving most days.
Today feels different. I've listened to the news...still in bed, I've looked at my bank balance, consulted the weather app on my iPad, decided on a quiet day and finally emerged showered and perfumed to a new day!
But with no is Saturday. Tomorrow I have an early BCP communion in a church about fifteen miles away so I shall have to be up and moving by seven at the latest.
Having no dog contributes to my early morning the old days a wet nose would push me out of bed if it got any later than eight! Dogs are much more creatures of habit than humans!
However some discipline deep inside my soul insists I get up and go out!
Walking right round the garden every morning is still related to my dog walking days...and it is still the length of a football off I go...
Now where's my coat?

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