Friday, 29 January 2016

Onagrup scam.

In the aftermath of my husbands death one particular issue gave me and my stepsons much pause for thought. It was a demand for money from a group called Onagrup.
I tried talking to them.
They insisted that the money being demanded of me was for the maintenance of our time share!
David and I had bought timeshare in Madeira and expected a yearly charge from them but this group was not one I knew much about. But I did know that we had not bought any time share with them!
On holiday in Majorca in the first year of our marriage we had been subject to some very heavy persuasion to buy into a scheme whereby we would be be paid back handsomely once the scheme was fully established.
It sounded like pyramid selling to me and I wanted nothing to do with it.
David went for it though.
We returned twice after that and each time the hard sell by a young man named Paul resulted in David buying into this scheme. Only after his death did we find that he had in fact parted with thirty thousand pounds.
We were never told that this was in fact time share. We had no plans to holiday in any of the resorts.
Until David died I had heard no more about this but imagined that by that time they should be paying us so it was a shock to be sent a demand for money for the maintenance of our time share!
One of Davids sons looked into it for me and decided it was a ramp and not to worry.
Yesterday I got another bill from them, the first contact for two years. They demanded back payment and said if I failed to pay they would take me to court! In Spain!
I took the very threatening letter to my solicitor immediately. He knew nothing of Spanish law but is looking into it for me!
The lesson to be learned here is simple. Part with no money unless you are sure about what you are buying into!
We are sure that David, an astute business man acted very rashly because of the brain tumour starting to affect him. Others may also have been conned .
Getting a letter demanding three years payment of maintenance was a very unpleasant experience indeed...let others beware!

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