Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Windy again!

Here we blow again!
Yesterday my trip down to the village started with me being flattened against my gate by the wind!
It's blowing much harder today!
I am being picked up later to go to a fund raiser in the village but it remains to be seen whether I get out of my drive.
This weather is almost common place now .
During the worst period of my life getting out of the house was the hardest bit...and this brings it all back in horrid detail.
The day I got out and into the village to get some cash is still one of the worst of my life.
The bank door had been bashed in....and the cash machine was full of sea water. I went home convinced of Armageddon arriving imminently. I was almost right....
From my bedroom window it is looking much the same today!
The only good thought so far is that if I got to the village it is going to be much less windy than it is up here, high on a cliff.
The weather plus the fact that I still have no television is giving me some uncomfortable days.
I am though enjoying watching back to back Wolf Hall in DVD form over the last two nights.
There have to be some compensations!

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