Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A day out!

Yesterday was the day we chose for exploration. The weather forecast wasn't good so off we went .
Our taxi took us to the opposite side of the island..
This involved a great many tunnels cut through ravines of massive size.
Here in Funchal the sun shone and we went dressed for another warm day!
On the other side it was windy, cold and damp!
Shops selling wool ponchos were doing good trade!
We went for lunch in a lovely restaurant over looking the sea. Great waves thudded over a small bathing area. We could have been back in Cornwall!
Travelling back by the scenic route I got travel sick! Winding roads along high mountainous tracks threw us around when the driver tried to go fast.
He slowed down and stopped in a precarious position to get me in the front seat!
This solved the problem!
We arrived back to sunshine once more. We felt as though our trip had been to a different planet!
Today there is nothing planned.
Another day in paradise!

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