Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I am sitting on a plane. We have had a gin and tonic and a croque Monsieur .
Having been up half the night sorting out our packing the need to sleep is growing but I'm afraid it's also elusive!

The queues at the airport were enormous! One of the reasons why I much prefer cruising to flying. We waved goodbye to the people from our village who are travelling back with British Airways to Gatwick. They say it's worth the longer drive home! Easy Jet, cheap and cheerful has none of the comforts they are used to!
It is much easier to sail to places than queue for hours like sheep!
When I get to the airport I am hopefully being met by my taxi man who will deliver me home to Cornwall in good order..at least that's the plan!
The plane set off about half an hour early due to a following wind from the Uk!
I could ring my taxi man except I can't use the phone up here.
I've been given a seat next to my travelling companion so have managed to have quick nap with my head on his shoulder!!!! Ahem!
The holiday is over!
It's been a good one but I'm still looking forward to going home to beautiful Cornwall.
I didn't post the blog I wrote in the sky yesterday. But I did get home in the dusk!
All is well here. I ate a ready dinner , had a scotch, and came to bed! A look outside my windows reveals glory! Alleluia !

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  1. Welcome home.
    Sounds like you have had a really nice time.

  2. Lovely to be home no doubt, but a nagging longing for what you've left behind.

    Two beautiful places, torn between them. Retirement here is also beautiful in it's own way - a lovely, pretty Victorian Church, which was built to resemble something medieval, and wonderful people. It belies it's urban character as it's more like a village. In act, the area is still officially known as Nuxley Village as our local council ward.

    All we need is a parish council to declare UDI from the local authority who appear bent upon spoiling our environment by closing a Splash Park, gifted to the people by the Victorian Lord of the Manor for ever. They've been foiled by the Covenant on the Land, so are now planning to make it a play park, and close the local play park, built up by local people (and paid for by them) and build flats on it - flats that we don't want, nor need. Bah,Humbug.