Thursday, 18 February 2016

Maid service.

We have a very weird maid here in Funchal.
The first time this was evident was on Valentine's Day. She had arranged my nightie and my dressing gown into the shape of a woman.
Decorating the woman were all the white towels curled into little touches....on her hair, around her body.
Cut out paper hearts were placed carefully. The overall effect was very strange!
Add to that that she appears usually while we are having breakfast and it starts to get actually strange.
We are outside on our balcony eating she is inside singing! After her departure we find  a little bit of whimsy to look at!
Yesterday I lost a pair of sandals. They were no where to be found!
I found another pair and looked for the missing pair by the pool, the jacuzzi and the bar!
Much later going back to my room there they were, placed by my wardrobe.
I have no idea what to make of all of this...
It is slightly unnerving but quite entertaining. I think.
I'm just wondering what comes next!

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1 comment:

Ray Barnes said...

Wow, slightly sinister Jean. Look out for horses' heads.
Or, alternately, you could practice your exorcism techniques just in case.:-)