Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Memories and sermons!

The weather forecast for yesterday was not good. A cold wind blew in the morning so I went off on my own to shop! The taxi took me to a complex I last looked at whilst it was still under construction.
It had changed.
Feeling a bit chilly I bought a woolly cardigan....of the sort normally worn during an English winter!
Back here the sun emerged and I swam.
Tonight the friends from the same village in Cornwall have booked us all a meal in a local restaurant.
It is the same one that years ago I took my friend , the Catholic priest too where we stayed far too long and drank more than we could be interesting.
Mentioning this event to my friends they remarked that they had remembered much of what I'd said about him.
Gosh .......people who not only listened to my sermons but repeated them back years later!
Life just gets weirder in paradise.

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