Monday, 29 February 2016


Having been away for a couple of weeks I was unsure yesterday of where we were up to with the dustbins.
Refuse collection is every week. Recycling every other week!
I had to ask people which one we were on yesterday and of course it was the recycling !
This involves putting various sorts of rubbish in different containers and can be hard work!
My husband did all of this, usually whilst I was in church. Monday morning is our collection time !
Getting my empty bottles into a box is fairly easy....getting it out to sit by the side of the road is often hard work! It's a short walk away!
The dust men seem to be very selective in what they take. I found all the stuff I'd put out before I went away still in the wheely bin on my return.
It was in proper containers....I'm not sure why it was left!
I now avoid sending for anything that might arrive in a cardboard box...I am getting too old and too weak to jump on it all, fold it and stuff it into the correct container!
My house is on a busy road. Taking all this stuff out is a test every day I'll just be too old.
Someone told me that they would make special arrangements for those unable to put it all in the right place but so far I've not succumbed to that course of action....I will do it myself for as long as possible.... But having to do it all on Sunday, my working day, is proving difficult at times!
Lest anyone be in any doubt.....this is a moan! I don't moan all that often but this subject gets my moaning voice sounding loud and clear!

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  1. We find that recyccling via containers is a total nuisance. The supplied boxes have lids that blow off and the result is lots of packages, cartons etc, being blown down the street - a blight on the landscape. So, we put all of our recycling into shopping bags and take it to the many recycling banks locally. Twice a week is enough to keep it in check, although our neighbours are not so tidy, and we end up picking up their rubbish weekly.

    We have a wheely bin for our general waste, collected every fortnight. And another, which we have to pay for to take our garden waste (there are strict rules here about burning garden waste as we live in a smokeless zone, and people nearby, are quick to complain if they see things burning in the garden. They say that if makes their washing dirty out on the line. I wish that the were as quick to pick up their rubbish that blows down the street and ends up in our front garden.

  2. Why not do it a bit early on Saturday night, if it doesn't obstruct the road or pavement? I'm lucky I've a driveway and can leave bins in its mouth when necessary - couldn't at my previous address where they did bags as the creatures would rip them.

    1. Doing some on Saturday is worth considering....thank you!