Friday, 19 February 2016

Snow as well as rain!

The bad weather has now got as far south as Madeira!
Yesterday was rainy! We took a taxi to the harbour in Funchal where they had built new steps down to the restaurant that I've eaten at several times in the past. It had been winterised but the food was still excellent and the enterprising woman who is its tout got us a taxi back to the hotel!
The taxi man showed us that the unthinkable had happened...there was snow on their hills! The snow was very high up but undeniably there!
This morning I shall climb the hill from here to the shop that sells glorious embroidered napkins and hankies!
I once bought a frighteningly expensive table cloth from there saying at the time that it should be an altar cloth because of its beauty.
I have only used it twice. Both times at Christmas!
We are now on the last few days....
As well as the couple from St Mawes we have made several new friends so there is no shortage of conversation.
It's not unlike our cruises except we wake up in the same place every morning!

Shortly after posting that our maid arrived . She took no prisoners and got to work whilst we breakfasted.  On the bed she left a curly giraffe made from my nighty!

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