Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Suns up!

Just up and moving on our second morning here I am reminded that I do need to go to the cathedral today. It is Ash Wednesday ..
The weather is warm and only a few clouds are in the sky!
Yesterday I sat in the Jacuzzi in warm bubbly water but have not as yet splashed out into the pool.
It is much quieter here in February than it is at my usual time in June.
There are far fewer people competing for sun beds etc and I am now whispering ......"there are no Germans".
I know this because no towels appeared in the very early I draw my own conclusions!
Funchal is a short walk down a hill away.....after I've been to the cathedral I may take a taxi back, it depends how fit I feel!
So far everything goes well for us geriatric adventurers....despite some small problems like not being able to get out of the bath the first night! Don't ask!
I am missing David a lot but not weeping as I did the first time I came without him!
Thank you God for these and all your blessings!

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