Thursday, 25 February 2016

Taking flight?

To fly or not to fly? I have been home for a couple of days now with time to reflect on the travel experience of the last weeks!
I have come home determined not to fly again unless I've really got to!
It's not sitting in a plane that's the problem. I've always felt that flying was my natural habitat! It's the airports that have put me off!
There has got to be better ways of organising large numbers of people!
The main problem lies with the queues!
Expecting hundreds of people to wait patiently in line for hours is not a reasonable expectation.
When I booked the latest holiday I foolishly thought that it would be quiet in February. It wasn't! People from the UK want the warmth of tropical countries when it's freezing at home!
So there we all were....hundreds of us queuing like sheep!
All the regulations now in place to be sure we are not terrorists , bringing bombs in our baggage have made a bad situation worse....and of course no one objects to this just takes time and that time is spent standing up , shuffling forward a few feet at a time! Exhausting!
Since arriving home I have vowed to stick to boats from now on.... The queues there are tiny compared to an airport extravaganza.
My travelling companion has arrived home seeking new ways of getting around the globe.
He has come up with a ferry to France, dinner in Paris followed by a boat to Madeira as the route in the future! You would need to travel light for that one!
I am looking at the brochures with the heading. "No fly cruises" there are several of these to look at....but not yet.
The main decision though is to travel lighter! I always take far too much stuff away with me half of which is never worn!
I just need to reread this blog before starting the packing next time!

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