Friday, 5 February 2016

Travelling in time.

A trawl through my blog of this time last year, the year before that and back ad nauseam brings back some very vivid memories. It's not quite time travelling but it does have that flavour!
David and I always chose to cruise at this time of the year. Four years ago we had just spent a night in a Marriott hotel in Los Angeles prior to getting on board the Queen Elizabeth.
Happy memories of past delightful experiences are inevitably side by side with those of two years ago when I was visiting my husband in his nursing home and the realisation was starting to grow that we were in the final stage of his illness.
To go from one euphoric description of the joys of drinking Long Island iced tea on top of the waves to the stormy conditions here two years ago as I travelled windswept roads to get to the next village where my darling lay dying is heart rending stuff....
The small nitty gritty of life had disappeared by that really was life and death stuff!
In two years I have travelled far both literally and emotionally. I have made new friends, seen new horizons and am now packing for a return to one of our favourite places...
Life goes on and for the moment takes me with it...thank you God!

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