Monday, 15 February 2016

Weather forecasts!

Many of the people we met last week are going home today. Monday is changeover day! We are not going home.....I booked an extra week!
The people from my village are also staying on.
We are now planning some outings to the far flung reaches of the island so the weather forecast is important. On my iPad I have three weather apps. They don't always agree! And they are not always accurate!
Yesterday morning they all agreed was not going to be a good day but in fact it was!
I swam twice and plastered sun block everywhere...
During one of my periods of rest I found the Faure mass on my pad so I mentally sang along with it. It was not quite as good as going to church but it worked for me!
Today we have planned a visit to the other side of the island...but as yet many of the best laid plans have fallen at the first about that for mixed metaphors!
The wonderful thing about being away from home is that plans often don't work out but when that happens it doesn't really matter!
News from home indicates poor weather, flooded roads and high winds .
I'm trying not to feel smug as I look out of the window here! But it is hard!

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