Saturday, 20 February 2016

Bed sculptures

Yesterday the rain poured down upon us almost all day. Everyone's routine was changed.
I walked up the hill to get my presents for home. It was extremely heavy rain and the people who had been here before during this season all reminisced about the year it flooded!
Souvenir shops suddenly produced plastic capes and did a massive trade in them!
The snow made many of the mountain roads impassible so a trip to the nuns valley was postponed.
Some of the people we have met this week are going home today so many goodbyes were spoken during last nights entertainment whilst lots of people joined in the dancing.
Fiddling whilst Rome burned came to mind!
There is a definite valedictory feel around now, cards are being exchanged etc but I'm not travelling till Monday so I shall try to enjoy what's left!
So far today it's dry. I have put the lock on the door to prevent the mad maid appearing as she did yesterday whilst I was still in the bathroom!
This what appeared on the bed!
All her own work!

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