Friday, 18 March 2016

A small Cross mystery.

Both of my husbands loved owning a Cross pen. These are a much sought after writing implement made by a firm called Cross. I have a collection of the ball point, the fountain pen and the propelling pencil.
They are lovely to look at and come in either gold or silver. I keep them in my bureau and use them regularly.
This week I found the pencil in the washing machine!
I had realised some time ago that it was mislaid but hadn't looked very hard for finding it , lying in the rubber folds of the machine was a bit of a surprise.
None of the clothes in the machine had pockets. I have no idea how it got there or indeed how long it had been circling around....there has never been an audible rattle...
This small mystery has engaged my mind on and off all week!
I took it apart yesterday. All its leads were still intact. It was dry inside so it's water proofed.
As mysteries go it's a tiny one...but it's a pretty good advert for still writes well as well as looking sleek and beautiful.
It's also very very clean....

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  1. Welcome to the "How did that get there" club Jean. I found one of my adventurous slippers not so long ago in the vegetable rack. It's just more proof that 'they' have independent lives.