Monday, 21 March 2016

Away again!

Here's another sentence I never thought I'd write. I am away for a few days, even though I do know that it's Holy Week.
It is true that when this week was first discussed I had not realised it was this most solemn week but the people I'm visiting would not understand the dilemma.
So I will have my prayer book with me and spend time in meditation whilst I'm there...
I have spent a previous Holy Week on a I know it's possible..
Having said that I will be going into deepest darkest Devon...a part of it I've never seen before but I am assured of its beauty near the sea...much like here I imagine.
I will be home for Easter Sunday...and have the early morning communion on that day but first we have to accompany Jesus to the Him our attention, our energy and yes, our love.
Blogging may be intermittent...there is no internet connection where I'm will depend on the mobile phone signal....
Once more in new territory...
The sun shines small bag is the start of another adventure I am fairly sure will be wonderful...
Anchors away. Toot toot! Mixed metaphors but you know what I mean!
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